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Personal Coaching:

Some of the things we hear Dads say are:

• I have no idea how to make my partner happy – she seems to want something different every week
• I really want to spend time with the children but am so tired
• There is never any time for me to just be me
• There are so many demands on me I don’t know which way to turn
• Family life takes up so much of my attention I struggle to concentrate on work
• Work life takes up so much of my attention I struggle to concentrate on the family when I get home!
• I would love to get fit and feel much healthier again but there just isn’t time
• I really need find time to sort out my finances
• I really want to be the very best Dad I can be.

In a world that can drive you a little crazy with all of the demands upon you, Personal Coaching exists to help you to:

• make sense of what’s important to you
• create the time for what’s important
• make decisions about how you will make the changes you want to make
• keep focussed on your plans

And then to support you whilst you make those changes! We will create some thinking space for you, free of any judgements – time for you to think out loud in a supported way!

Call us today or drop us an email and we can arrange a telephone conversation for you to discuss how Coaching can help you to get more out of life!

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“It's not flesh and blood but the heart that makes us fathers and sons.”

Johann Schiller