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Welcome to Coaching for Dads, a personal and executive coaching company dedicated to the wellbeing and happiness of dads everywhere! Dads are absolutely key to the full development of children and are under constant pressure – from work, from home and from themselves. They are expected to “deliver” in so many different ways in life and all with limited resources.

Coaching for Dads is here to support them in identifying all of their responsibilities but also all of their goals and aspirations and to give them the time and thinking space to work what they really want in life and how to achieve that.

A happy, healthy dad makes for happy, healthy children!

In the Press Room you can quickly and easily access information on fatherhood, request an interview with Dads Coach and founder Lisa Wynn or contact us with questions for your article.

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“I won't lie to you, fatherhood isn't easy like motherhood.”

Homer Simpson